On Thursday, September 22, 2011,  I approached my first potential client for my Local Marketing company idea. I haven’t signed the customer up yet, but I am fairly confident that my sales hook will make my offer irresistible. The  company I approached was Millevoi Tire and Service Center because I know the owners personally. My family has been using the Millevois for years because they are honest people and they get to know every customer personally. I got to know them on a personal level during high school when I worked as a clean up guy for the mechanics.

Now just because I am friendly with the owner doesn’t mean they’re just going to throw business my way. I simply picked them because it was a warm sales call instead of going in cold. As someone just starting out, I needed a way to build credibility fast because I don’t have any past customer success stories or testimonials to back me up. I decided to incorporate the principle of free work (Yes FREE!) to build my credibility before even asking for a dime.

I approached the situation by asking if I could try an experiment with their company. Once they inquired about the experiment, I gave a short history about how I have worked in internet marketing for over a year and how I just got back from a high level internet marketing conference called LMASS. This instantly gave me some credibility, but here is the kicker. I told them I learned a couple of tricks at this conference and I wanted to try an experiment to see if I could get a customer testimonial video of them on the first page of Google in less than a week. Oh, and by the way, the search term “Philadelphia mechanics” gets 1900 local searches per month. What business owner in their right mind would turn down this opportunity? That’s what I thought!

So now I’m in the door and if my little experiment works out (which it has for a couple search terms already) then I have a really good chance of making the sale. So without further ado, here is my customer testimonial video:


I’ll follow up next week after I review the results with the Millevois and hopefully I have my first client under my belt!



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