I have been flying through books over the past 2 months while I have been in Canada. For this post, I would like to document some of the books I just finished reading, the books I’m currently reading, and the books that I have just ordered or am planning to read next. When I read I like to learn things, so all of these books are business and marketing related books. I believe that the best way to become the best is to emulate the best. These books have all been chosen because they were recommended to me by very, very successful people.

Books I Recently Finished

This book was written by copywriting legend Dan Kennedy and is a very good introduction to the principles of writing sales letters. I keep this book at my desk in the office and constantly refer to it when I am writing sales copy.

This is a great book jam packed with proven successful advertisements and case studies. Since reading this book I have definitely noticed that I am starting to push the limits with my copy writing. The more outrageous the better!

This book is like the Marketer’s bible. Known as “the most important book on persuasion ever published,” Influence dives in to all the psychological tricks and tactics of compliance professionals.

Books I am Currently Reading

This is my second time reading this book and I am picking up even more on the second time through. Oren Klaff shares the techniques he uses to raise 100s of millions of dollars in capital for investment deals. In short, this book is about how to master frame control to master the art of the pitch

A little heavy on the material so it has been taking me a little while to get through this book. However, this book gives an excellent foundation for becoming an amazing storyteller.

This book is more of a reference than anything else. This invaluable book is a compilation of over 5,000 proven phrases that sell. Broken down by category, you will never again be at a loss for that perfect headline.

Books I Just Ordered

Very similar to phrases that sell, this is another great resource for copywriting

This book was recently recommended to me by Justin Lee. I am already applying many of these principles in my daily business as far as building scalable systems and out sourcing goes, but I am looking forward to reinforcing my current actions with the material presented in this book.

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