Today is April 16, 2012 and I am moving to Montreal on the 29th. My time in the USA is running short so I figured I would reflect on what I have been up to lately.

Towards the end of March I went out to Del Mar, San Diego for the first Equity Investors Network meeting. I went out 2 days early and stayed at Justin’s house in Pacific Beach on Thursday night. It was great to out and spend time with Justin and Dreama and also meet their two kids Stella and Sebastian. They are also in the process of moving and on April 29th they will be moving to Panama for 4 months and then back up to Vancouver to raise their kids.

Friday through Monday night I stayed with Ben at a hotel in La Jolla. This was really beneficial because it gave us another 4 days to build our relationship and get to know each other better before I move to Montreal. The EIN conference provided some really good information and was definitely worth my while going. The material itself was good, but in my opinion it was very high view looking down kind of information for the most part. I picked up some actionable items and things I can do, but I received the most benefit out of the networking and relationship building I did on the trip.

During the conference, Ben, Heidi, her friend Galen, Farukh, and I decided to form our own Investment group between us. For now we are joking calling ourselves the AMAYA group after the restaurant we were in when we decided to go in on deals together. Basically we will bring any deals we find to the table and the 5 of us will review the deal and do due diligence and then if it is a deal we want to pursue then we can all join in or only a few of us depending on whose services we will require. As the low man on the totem pole from an experience standpoint this has been great. We have already had one conference call in which we discussed presenting to a major Golf Appliances company. As the person with the least concrete experience and money to invest, I have positioned myself as someone who will basically do a lot of the grunt work so I can get in on some deals. This will be great experience for me and give me the chance to implement the knowledge and techniques I know. I am also excited to get to Montreal because Ben has already had preliminary discussions to get involved in 7 different Equity deals in Montreal. By becoming his right hand man, I can move my way in to his Equity Investment deals too and be of great value to him.

Shortly after returning from San Diego, I went to a BenPhilly meeting in West Chester. This is a premier entrepreneurship group full of business owners from Pennsylvania, New jersey, New York, and Delaware. I met a ton of great people and also had a chance to hear James Malinchak speak. My biggest take away from his speech was that I really need to focus on Income Generating Activities and pay people to do the $10 an hr work instead of wasting my time doing it myself. After his speech he gave away a ridiculous offer because he is best buddies with Charlie McDermot, leader of BenPhilly, and I was able to get his “Millionaire Secrets Revealed” product, a Sales Letter Template collection, and the chance to go to a 4 day event at his house in Las Vegas all for only $297. This truly was a ridiculous offer and I am excited to delve in to the material.

This upcoming weekend is Blue and White weekend at Penn State. I wasn’t planning on going because I’m moving so soon, but my buddy Jordan is flying out from Texas so I want to see him before I leave. Today, I emailed a couple of my old marketing professors to see if I can speak to their classes on Wednesday or Thursday while I am up at Penn State. I don’t know what I will speak to them about yet, but as someone who was sitting in the same seat as them last year I think I have a lot of value I can bring to them. At the end of my speech I am going to try and see if any of them want to intern with my company. It would be designed similar to the internship I took with Justin where it would be unpaid and they could commit as many hours as they want. I have a ton of information products and things I can teach them during the internship. I’m hoping that I can get them to write a lot of the content for my website and also help me launch a side website that I can use to sell some products on the internet. I guess it will depend on the skills of the intern and how much I can teach them, but I think it would be awesome to get my own intern.

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