Been way too busy this year with travelling and business to find any time for writing. Currently in my 17th country of the year and my Maverick Next buddy Perry just texted me how things are going with business. Thought my short candid response was pretty funny so I figured I would post it here as a mini update

“Up to my same old self. Hiring employees, firing employees, taking on 300K of debt and then overspending by almost 100K and being forced to negotiate payment terms with my suppliers. Typical reckless risk taking in an effort to prepare for Christmas Season. Other than that, just chillaxing in Thailand for the month”

Key point is that to everyone else this may seem reckless, but to me this is very very calculated. We’ve tripled the last couple years in a row and I intend to triple again this year and end up around the $3 million revenue mark. The bets are getting larger that’s for sure, but I’m confident we can handle it.