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Never Sell Again by Mike O’Donnell

Posted on March 21st, 2013 in Business Development, Speaking, Toastmasters, Training, Video | No Comments »

I can’t believe I forgot to post this speech up on here. I performed this speech back on January 29th and in my opinion, I knocked it out of the park! The next morning I woke up at 5:30am because I gave this speech again to a group of local business owners over breakfast. I elaborated much more on the strategies in the breakfast meeting and turned it into more of a workshop. This speech helped me position myself as an expert marketer in front of that group of business owners and to date I have gained over $4,000 in revenue from the people that heard the speech!




Never “Sell” Again by Michael O’Donnell

Today we’re going to talk about a topic that the majority of people absolutely hate to do…Sales. In the next 6 minutes, I’m going to teach you the 3 main things that you need to do to close any sale and how you can leverage existing media channels to decrease and virtually eliminate the need to do a hard sale ever again. And the best part is that I’m not even going to charge you the 3 to 5 thousand dollars that you would normally have to pay to learn these secrets from a sales training course. Does that sound good to everybody? Let me ask that again, does that sound good to everybody?

Great! So first we need to analyze the core factors at the heart of every successful sales transaction. And the first core factor is trust. We all know that the sales profession has some pretty horrible stigmas attached to it. Most notably, we have the sleazy salesman that promises you the world and will do anything to get the sale no matter what the cost. So right off the bat, you need to find a way to build trust. This is why relationships and referrals are so important for businesses to grow.

The second core factor is credibility. Once you trust somebody, the next thing you want to know is whether they can actually do what they are promising you they will do. This is why businesses are always trying to collect testimonials and case studies because they prove that the business is credible.

So now we trust the person and we believe they can deliver results, but then we ask ourselves the next question which is why should I choose this company over one of their competitors? This is where the 3rd core factor comes into play, which is authority. People want to deal with businesses that are experts at what they do. In the business world, authority is normally represented in the value of the company’s brand.

Now that we understand the core factors behind a successful sale, we need to find a way to leverage existing media channels to create trust, credibility, and authority. One of the best, proven strategies to do this is to leverage a series of 30 second to 1 minute long videos on YouTube. The fact that these videos are so short is super important to your success because people want the answers to their questions now. Right?

The first 10 videos are going to answer the most frequently asked questions in your business. These are the questions that every customer wants to know before they purchase your products or services. One way or another they’re going to get this information before they make a purchasing decision, so it might as well come from you.

The next 10 videos are going to answer the should ask questions in your business. These are important things that differentiate you from your competitors and tap into the knowledge, skills, and experience you have acquired over your career.

By packaging this information and presenting it to your potential customers in the right way, you should decrease or virtually eliminate the need to “Sell” them ever again. Once you have this information, there are tons of complex marketing strategies that you can utilize to make sure the maximum number of people are exposed to your information. But even you stop right here and all you ever do is create these videos and make them available to your potential customers, you’re going to see phenomenal results!

So let’s recap why this system works so well.

You start off and you initiate the relationship by providing them with valuable information for free. By giving value, you immediately build trust. You’re no longer this sleazy salesman that’s going to run away with their money.  Then you go on to answer all of their main questions that they have and you organized it in a way that they can quickly and easily find the answers without wasting their time. This proves that you know what you’re talking about, which gives you your credibility. Finally, the last 10 videos position you as the absolute best choice because you strategically differentiated yourself from your competitors. You are now an authority on the subject matter. At this point, you have provided so much value to this potential customer and have built trust, credibility, and authority without ever having to pressure them to buy from you.

So there you have it, the secret sales system that teaches you how to “not sell” to potential customers.

*The content for this speech was based off of Mike Koenigs 10x10x4 video marketing strategy

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    After my first toastmasters speech I set goals for myself that my second speech would be engaging, inspiring, and spoken from the perspective of me teaching from the stage. In this speech, I think I accomplished all of those goals and also was able to use this video for sales purposes to help spread the word about our Doodle Video services. When I first shared this video on Facebook, I was hosting it on Brightcove because I wanted to test out their analytics software. In my opinion, I was expecting a little more from Brightcove in terms of data tracking, but I still think they offer a great service and could be a great up sell option for my Video Marketing packages.



    Overall, I think I knocked this speech out of the park. From a pure speaking standpoint, I memorized my entire speech, utilized pauses, never used a single crutch word, and made great eye contact, and engaged the audience. From a content standpoint, I think it was very well written, convincing, and my call to action was really strong. My favorite critique from a toastmasters member was that he felt like he was sitting in on a TED speech. From an improvement standpoint, the best advice I have been given was from Ben. In his opinion I scored an 89 on the speech and a 98 on the call to action. His 2 points for improvement were: 1.) I need to tighten my core and stand strong when I am making my points. 2.) Every time I emphasized a point I followed this pattern: bum bum beh dum. Instead, I should mix things up a little bit so it doesn’t get repetitive. I’m not sure if this makes sense in writing, but when I watch the video I can see what he is talking about.

    For the record, I won the best speech ribbon for this speech!


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